Dreamland Festival 2023


8th September 2023 from 17.30 to 02.00
9th September 2023 from 16.30 to 03.00
In Lanzada (SO) at the Centro Sportivo Pradasc in Via Ganda 160.
On our website www.dreamlandfestival.it/it/biglietti/ through our authorized reseller TicketNation.
No, there is no age limit, but the presence of an adult is recommended for children under the age of 14.
None! It is only the name of the 2-day pass differentiated according to the months of sale.
It only includes admission to the festival and the RFID Wristband.
It includes fast entry to the festival, a dedicated stage with a private bar, private toilets and the RFID Wristband.
It is a cashless payment system that will allow you to purchase food, drinks and services.
You will have to download the dedicated app, top up the wristband with credit/debit card, and you can order what you want without queuing. You will then receive an order number to pick-up food and drinks at the stands.
You can buy it at this link https://www.eventdestination.net/it/acquisti/spedizione/dreamland-festivalbracciale/ and receive it directly at your home.
This will allow you to avoid the queue at the entrance and prepare yourself in advance to experience the festival.
You can pick it up at one of the authorized points of sale (available soon) or at the festival in the days before the event or on the day itself.
Yes, you can buy it on our website or pick it up for free at the festival or in one of our stores (available soon).
No, but you can put your ticket on sale through our authorized reseller TicketSwap.
Find the complete list of artists, divided by days, on our website https://www.dreamlandfestival.it/it/line-up/
No, they only perform on the day indicated in the Timetable (available soon).
Yes, there will be shuttles departing from some Valtellina locations. There will be communications shortly with quantities, times and how to book them.
Yes, parking is a maximum of 1.5km from the festival.